Bev & my Daughter, Tiffany's, "FULL SERVICE" Aveda Concept beauty shop is London Salon 1985 South Fifth Street Allentown, Pa 18103 Phone 610-709-9984 e-mail Tiffany at if any questions. Tiff is also an expert Nail Technician. Nail samples here: samp1, samp2, samp3).

I've been an Authorized Dealer, Kaeser & Blair since the 1970's
Our Advertising/Promotional Products Catalog is:

Go here to view as it has a wide variety of imprinted items to help promote any business inexpensively. Our monthly "Kaeser & Blair Windjammer Catalog Specials"
Please contact Larry here or on his personal phone at 610-691-5338 anytime.

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